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Hacienda Carabalí was acquired by the Diaz family in 1977. During its early years, the land was used for agricultural purposes and livestock operations carried out in order to sell milk in the local markets. On about 164 acres, we cared for approximately 90 milk cattle. During the 80’s and 90’s, the dairy industry was very prosperous and, as demand grew, the Diaz family decided to continue expanding its farm to acquire 510 acres of land adjacent to the El Yunque National Forest.

The horses occupied a very important role since it was the only means of transportation at that time to cross the plains and mountains of this area, with characteristics of a subtropical jungle, to collect cattle. After two years, in 1979 the family decided to diversify the operations and started renting horses to ride around Luquillo beach and the low lands of the Rainforest. Horseback riding at the Hacienda is positioned as one of the main attractions of Puerto Rico for local and foreign tourists. During recent years, the demand has grown and Carabali added attractions and started offering tours and excursions in ATV /FourTrack or ATV, Go Karts, Restaurant, Hotel and venues for all kinds of events.

The renamed Carabalí Rainforest Advenrture Park is the product of a Puerto Rican family committed to providing a service of high quality entertaining in a family environment..